Estate & Business Succession Planning

Manier & Herod’s attorneys practicing in the area of Estate Planning & Business Succession Planning provide sophisticated advisory services in all areas of asset succession planning.  Our attorneys understand that estate planning is much more complex than simply planning for the distribution of assets at death.  Attorneys in the firm’s Estate Planning & Business Succession Planning practice area routinely advise clients on the plans and techniques available to build and preserve assets during life, the development of business succession plans, estate planning for executives and long-term planning for retirement and minimization of taxes.

The firm’s Estate Planning & Business Succession Planning attorneys design custom estate plans for each and every client.  Many of these plans are designed to reduce, if not eliminate, estate and other taxes that may become due and owing at death.  Manier & Herod’s attorneys also advise clients on probate avoidance, creditor protection during life, and the preservation of these assets after death.  Examples of our most common planning tools include wills, bypass and credit shelter trust structures, revocable trusts, qualified terminable interest trusts, entity structuring such as family limited partnerships, sales to defective grantor trusts, self-cancelling installment notes, qualified personal residence trusts, and many more.  We also routinely structure plans to facilitate our clients’ charitable goals; advising in areas such as the formation of private foundations, charitable lead trusts, charitable annuity trusts, and donor advised funds just to name a few.

For owners of closely held businesses, the absence of a well-designed business succession plan can prove to be a recipe for disaster.  Without proper planning, family businesses routinely prove to be of little value to spouses, children, or other family members at the death of the owner.  As a result, these businesses are often liquidated at substantially discounted values or fail in the absence of dedicated successor owners, managers, or both.  Attorneys practicing in the area of Estate Planning & Business Succession Planning work with business owners to help develop business succession plans that provide for an orderly transition of entity ownership interests during life or at death, while ensuring that our clients and their intended beneficiaries receive the maximum value for these business interests.

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