Firm Overview

Founded as Manier & Crouch in 1914, Manier & Herod has become one of Tennessee’s oldest, most trusted law firms.

The firm’s strong commitment to providing quality legal services for clients and the Nashville community and to the legal profession continues to this day.

Manier & Herod in Nashville — Where Tradition and Innovation Meet

Manier & Herod’s reputation for consistent success is directly attributable to its full complement of knowledgeable, versatile lawyers. These accomplished legal professionals are regularly called upon to share their unique insights with their peers at national conferences, as well as at state and local seminars, while serving in top leadership positions of many professional associations. Our attorneys have also assisted state representatives in drafting new legislation, much of which is now codified by statute.

Manier & Herod is dedicated to maintaining the tradition of excellence established by its founders and to providing quality legal counsel to clients through innovation and participation in legal development.

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