Firm Values

Mission Statement

With more than 100 years of service in the legal community, Manier & Herod employs an innovative approach and draws upon its rich tradition to provide high quality legal services, solve complex problems, and invest in the interests of clients through a positive and collegial work environment.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to build a reputation of excellence with a focus on client service and participation as we expand our presence in the national and local business communities using a team approach.

Core Values


Our attorneys work collaboratively, drawing on the experience and expertise of our team, to provide the most effective and efficient advice, advocacy, and representation on behalf of our clients.


Manier & Herod has earned a reputation of honesty during its more than 100 years of providing legal services. We continue to build upon that legacy through open and professional conduct toward all – including clients, colleagues, other attorneys, and the judiciary.


Manier & Herod has merited the distinction of being a preeminent provider of high quality legal services. We have the most talented group of lawyers in the industries served and pride ourselves on excellence in product.


We are zealous advocates, we are problem solvers, and we creatively and ethically obtain meaningful resolutions for our clients.


Manier & Herod attorneys give back to the clients and industries they serve through webinars, on-site seminars, written publications, leadership in professional organizations, and other roles to advance the interests of our current and prospective clients. Manier & Herod attorneys and employees are also encouraged to support the local community through service.


The Manier & Herod team seeks a positive and meaningful impact on our clients, the industries served, and the legal and local community.


We have a commitment to increasing diversity among our Manier & Herod team. Manier & Herod focuses on supporting and valuing the individual characteristics of our employees, colleagues, and clients to create an environment that is inclusive of all.


Through a commitment to communication and empathy, Manier & Herod creates and advances leaders in its practice groups and in the community.