Manier & Herod’s bankruptcy and insolvency practice cuts across interdisciplinary lines and encompasses all aspects of reorganization proceedings.  Working closely with select members from other practice areas, such as the Surety and Fidelity group, Manier & Herod’s attorneys take pride in reacting swiftly and deliberately to address financial challenges as they arise.  In addition to representing sureties and secured creditors in large reorganization proceedings, Manier & Herod’s attorneys represent a host of other creditors, debtors, trustees, creditors’ and equity-holders’ committees, and other third-party entities in navigating the perils of all types of reorganization proceedings.  The firm’s experience and specialized knowledge in this area allows members of the Bankruptcy, Receivership & Reorganization team to provide clients with cost-effective solutions to unique challenges without sacrificing the quality of services provided.

Due to the continued success of attorneys practicing in the area of Bankruptcy, Receivership & Reorganization, Manier & Herod’s representation of clients in this practice area has expanded to a nationwide practice. The firm’s attorneys regularly appear on behalf of clients in bankruptcy and other reorganization proceedings in national bankruptcy forums, such as New York, Delaware, Maryland, and Nevada.

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